At Queensland Steel Frame Solutions (QSFS), our dedication to superior construction solutions drives our commitment to innovation and excellence. We specialize in advanced fabrication and production techniques, offering two prominent steel framing systems that have set the benchmark in the industry: the renowned Scottsdale system and our proprietary QSFS (Quick Frame) frame and truss machine.

Scottsdale System: Proven Excellence

The Scottsdale system stands as a testament to precision engineering and reliability. Widely recognized in the construction sector, this system embodies excellence in steel framing. At QSFS, we leverage the Scottsdale system’s advanced features to deliver exceptional quality and structural integrity, meeting the most stringent construction standards.

QSFS (Quick Frame) Frame and Truss Machine: Innovation in Action

Our proprietary Quick Frame system is a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency. Widely embraced by numerous builders, this system is a testament to our dedication to optimizing production processes. The QSFS machine streamlines the fabrication of frames and trusses, ensuring high precision, reduced lead times, and enhanced cost-effectiveness.

What Sets Us Apart?

Quality Assurance: Both the Scottsdale system and our QSFS frame and truss machine undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standards are consistently met.

Precision Engineering: Our fabrication and production processes prioritize precision, resulting in steel frames and trusses that seamlessly fit together, optimizing construction efficiency.

Industry Acceptance: Our systems are widely acknowledged and embraced in the industry, reflecting their reliability, durability, and performance.

Our Dedication to Sustainability

At QSFS, our commitment to sustainability extends beyond product excellence. We strive to minimize waste, maximize resource efficiency, and promote eco-friendly practices in our production processes.

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Queensland Steel Frame Solutions is your partner for premium steel framing systems in Australia. Whether you opt for the time-proven Scottsdale system or our cutting-edge QSFS frame and truss machine, rest assured you’re investing in quality, reliability, and innovation.

Contact us today to learn more about our fabrication and production capabilities, discuss your project needs, or request a quote. Choose QSFS for top-tier steel framing solutions that redefine excellence in the construction industry.


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