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At Queensland Steel Frame Solutions, we’re not just building structures; we’re crafting legacies. Our commitment to delivering the highest quality steel framing systems is unwavering, and our reputation for precision and innovation is unmatched. When it comes to the structural integrity of your build, we believe that steel is the cornerstone of strength, safety, and efficiency.

Wall Frames

Internal & external walls for ground and all upper levels. LGS screw fixed assembly wall frames 70mm or 90mm thick designed and fabricated to the nominated wind code including all nominated openings with in-built K-braces and trussed or plated lintels for doors/windows openings. Stud spacings can vary from 300mm to 450 mm based on engineering design requirements to suit cladding.

Roof Trusses

Engineered roof trusses generally vary from 900mm to max. 1200mm centres for sheet roof or tile roof designed and fabricated to the nominated design wind load and to the required roof pitch. Our 0.75mm or 0.95mm bolted assembly trusses can span up to ten meters on a single span length.
Roof frames 90mm thick are designed and fabricated to the nominated design wind load and to suit the required roof pitch to the veranda area. Ceiling battens 22 mm at maximum 600mm centres to under roof trusses.

Floor Joists

Engineered trussed/webbed floor joists 355mm deep and at max 450mm centres are rolled including structural steel as required to support mid floor system allowing ease of access for services to run through. Generally, open webbed floor joists have 50mm step downs for wet floor areas as/if builder’s requirement.

Floor System

If the house has a subfloor, we can allow C-Section floor joists including structural steel bearers/stumps and support posts as required to suit the subfloor system. A combination of C-sections, RHS and PFC to support the structure above the sub-floor. Fixed and adjustable bearers into concrete or bolted-on concrete pads are fabricated in-house.

Structural Steel

Duragal/painted structural steel posts and beams to support internal wide openings as well as all externally exposed structures are fabricated as per the structural engineer’s design for housing and large-scale commercial projects.

Supply and Installation Package

Our supply and installation package generally but not limited to consists of the following inclusions as every project is different.
• Delivery to site via body truck and semi-crane.
• Fixings, tie downs and bracings as required to install steel wall frames, joists, trusses, panels & structural steel members.
• Supply and fix sub-floor system.
• Supply and fix wall framing.
• Supply and fix ground/mid floor system.
• Supply and fix structural steel posts & beams.
• Supply and fix roof trusses & roof frames.
• Supply and fix ceiling battens.
• Brackets for rafters to take fascia brackets if required supplied loose.
• Pre-punched holes for electrical wiring with plastic electrical grommets supplied loose.
• Engineering design certificate Form 15.
• Engineering inspection certificate Forn 12/16.


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